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Watonga Historic Downtown
 Downtown Revitalization through Historic Preservation and Economic Development

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Main & Noble

At the corner of Main & Noble you will find Stewart Real Estate. It hasn't always been that way. In 1906 this two-story building was known as the Hooper Drug Store. Residents of the community remember riding their bicycles up to an outside window to order ice cream. In the early days this was a hopping place. Many people reminisce about climbing up the stairs to a dance hall.  
middle of town: intersection of Main and Noble
Ferguson Chapel
History of the Ferguson Chapel
Filling in a vacancy at the Presbyterian Church at Kingfisher was the Reverend G. V. Albertson, who joined in the great race into what is now Blaine County. He staked a lot for the Presbyterian Church in Watonga. Mr. Albertson organized almost 250 Sunday Schools. Among them, in Blaine County, were Geary, Greenfield, Watonga and Winnview.
In December of 1901 eleven members met to organize a Presbyterian Church. The cost to build the church was $1387.99. Wages paid to workers on the church were $2.00 per day.
The Church was dedicated Sunday, June 14, 1903. The Winnview Presbyterian Church located east of Watonga joined the Ferguson Chapel Presbyterian Church in 1918.
The Ferguson Chapel Presbyterian Church was an active church in Watonga from 1901 to 1972. The first pastor of the church was Reverend J. G. Curry and the last pastor of the church was Reverend Sam Hee Shinn.
Restoration In December of 1992, a group of concerned citizens led by Fred R. Lucas, D.D.S. met to discuss restoration of the Ferguson Chapel Presbyterian Church. The agreement to purchase the building from Dick and Joan Oler was on December 7, 1992. A non-profit organization was set up and by March 1993; over $25,000 was received from individuals from all areas of the United States. Most of the contributions came from persons whose families had ties with the Church and from local individuals interested in restoring the Church to historical accuracy. The building was purchased on March 11, 1993.
Country Home Antiques
country home antiques

  gary and rhonda Gary and Rhonda Olsen, owners
103 E. Main in Watonga
Country Home Antiques is a large clean store packed with antiques and collectible acquired by one crazy couple who busted the walls out of their home and had to move to (not one) but three buildings.

Come in and reminisce in the past and the future.  Express yourself with our collection of antiques, home accessories and gifts.

(Rose Building) Mr. Rose built a two-story brick building in 1911. He owned and operated a hardware store on the ground level. The upstairs had several interesting businesses including a pool hall, photograph studio and dental offices. Watonga's first dentist was woman that had her office upstairs. The Rose Building remained a hardware store until 1984. At this time the owner moved to another location causing the building to be vacant for several years. In 1994 the building was rented for an antique and refurbishing furniture store. In 1997 the building was purchased along with the adjoining building. The owners went to work restoring the interior and exterior of the buildings ground floors.

A boarded-up archway was opened to the adjoining building to extend the interior space. In 1998 completion was done on the ground floors of the buildings and the buildings were filled with antiques. The lovely historic buildings with tin ceilings and hardwood floors housed the antique store, Ice House Antiques until 2006 when the owners were ready for retirement and put the buildings up for sale. They prayed that the next owners would also have a desire to continue with an antique store in these lovely buildings. Internet shopping lead the current owners to Watonga to view these beautiful buildings in which they were desiring to purchase an old downtown building for an antique store with and upstairs to renovate as living quarters. In August 2006 these buildings were purchased by them and the transition from previous owners to current owners was made without ever closing the store. The owners welcome you to stop in and browse the antiques displayed with a touch of today’s modern décor while in the area.  


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